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Alfa Laval MAB206 Centrifuge

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One of the primary applications of industrial centrifuges are as diesel centrifuge or fuel polishing centrifuge for Diesel Fuel and Heavier Fuel Oils. In-fact Dolphin Centrifuges started as Dolphin Marine when is was exclusively catering to the marine centrifuge market. Dolphin has supplied centrifuges for:

  • Marine or #2 Diesel or MDO or Gas Oil Polishing
  • Fuel Oil or HFO or Bunker Fuel Purification
  • Lube Oil Purification / Engine Oil Purification
  • Diesel Oil Separator

MAB205_Lube_OilCentrifuge capacities from 2 to 60+ Gallons/min are used based on the specific application and type of fuel/oil. Dolphin centrifuge has all available capacity centrifuges in stock ready for quick turn-around and delivery.

Diesel fuel and lube oil are routinely contaminated by water (condensate) and solids (rust and other debris from storage tanks). Marine centrifuges are a economical way to remove these contaminants on a on-going basis without the need for costly filter media.

Other related uses are for bunker fuel or HFO or diesel fuel recovery systems in fuel tank farms supplying to marine vessels. Diesel polishing centrifuges are often used in marine terminals to keep the stored fuel in clean/dry condition.

Some advantages of using a Centrifuge:

  • Longer cycle life for lube oils
  • Reliable and efficient operation of engines with polished fuel
  • Fewer changes of Fuel Filters
  • Eliminates the need for lube oil changes

Small centrifuges such as Alfa Laval MAB103, MAB104 are ready in stock for shipment. Accessories such as water-seal alarm are standard features of our Marine Centrifuge Control Panels. Complete modular packages including Control Panels, HFO Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Feed Pumps, Heated Sludge Tanks and other accessories are built to customer specifications and budget.

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