Industrial centrifuge repair is what Dolphin Centrifuge has been known for over 25 years. With over 50+ years of collective centrifuge rebuild expertise, Dolphin Centrifuge is your ideal choice to bring new life to your old/used centrifuges.

Centrifuge Repair Process

  • Completely disassemble centrifuge to bare frame
  • Clean all bowl parts and transmission components
  • Sand-blast structural frame and base
  • Check all critical tolerances and shaft run-outs
  • Inspect, repair or replace all worn or damaged parts Centrifuge Parts Inspection
  • Balance check of bowl assembly and re-balance as needed
  • Rebuild spindle assembly with new bearings, seals and gaskets
  • Assemble complete centrifuge with all new hardware
  • Install bowl assembly into reconditioned machine frame
  • Functional test run of rebuilt centrifuge Disc Centrifuge Test Setup

Centrifuge Upgrades 

Have you considered adding new accessories to get more our of your existing centrifuges? Dolphin Centrifuge can enhance your current centrifuge with some of the following upgrades to take your centrifuge to the next level of efficiency and performance.

► ‘State of the Art’ Control Systems including PLC & Touchscreen with Analog Sensors
►  Hi-Efficiency Electric Pre-Heaters with Digital Controls
►  Heavy Duty Positive Displacement Feed Pump with VFD Control and Flow Indication
►  Skid Integrated Sludge Tank with Level Sensor & Sludge Pump
►  Replace Friction Clutch with Direct Drive Coupling & VFD

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