Lube Oil Centrifuge

A Lube Oil Centrifuge is widely used in gas and steam power plants to keep the lubricating oil clean and dry. In addition they are used for recycling Engine oil, Transformer oil filtration and other oil purification applications involving hi-efficiency separation of oil and water while also removing fine sediment.

Alfa Laval MAB206 Lube Oil CentrifugeDolphin oil cleaning centrifuge systems are fully integrated, modular oil cleaning systems. Our typical lube oil purifier system is comprehensive i.e. it includes new or refurbished disc centrifuge, centrifuge control panel, liquid seal alarm, oil feed pump, lube oil pre-heater etc. – all integrated on heavy duty industrial skid. Most popular models are the Alfa Laval MAB103 and Alfa Laval MAB104 Disc Centrifuges.

Lubricating Oil Centrifuges are simple, and very compact solutions offering genuine “start-and forget” operation. A high-speed disc centrifuge is the heart of the unit and has the unique benefit of separating water from oil and solids simultaneously.

Alfa Laval MAB103 Turbine Oil Purifier System

Features and Benefits of a Dolphin Lube Oil Centrifuge:

• Simple, compact and robust design
• Constant efficiency in oil purification from waer and solids
• Capable of separating high water contamination in emergency situations
• No pre-filtration necessary
• Environmental friendly – sludge disposal. (no filter cartridges)
• Automatic unattended operation
• Comparatively low operating cost
• Easy maintenance
• Reliability with a long life span, proven with experience of an extensive installed base

MAB103 Lube Oil System 50The lube oil cleaning centrifuge is typically installed in a by-pass system, treating a specified percentage of the full flow only. However, tank to tank operation/installation is also workable.

The suction line from lubricating oil tank/sump should be installed in the lowest section of the tank. This ensures that dirty oil will immediately be treated in the centrifuge unit. The
suction height should be as low as possible in order to eliminate problems with pump cavitation. The oil return line should be connected to the oil tank/sump at the opposite side to the oil suction line for the feed pump. This ensures a proper oil circulation during cleaning, even when the turbine is not in operation.

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